Sense! audiovisually draws the visitor into its virtual space. Sitting on a rotary chair and equipped with a head-mounted display and dolby-surround headphones, the visitor can freely explore the abstract entourage. She/he becomes a player and has to find out how to navigate through the abstract environment. The data tracks of respiration, heart-rate and skin conductance are linked to specific parameters of the virtual world and dynamically alter the immersive scenes. With this VR installation we intend to create attentiveness towards one’s own body and affective reactions.

After entering the world, abstract surroundings start to build up. Instead of exploring game levels by running around like an ego-shooter, the visitor can rise on a vertical axis and enter different atmospheres, providing that the biofeedback signals fulfil certain requirements: regular respiratory patterns, minimal heartbeat variability and stable Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) values. The system builds up upon personal data and creates a unique experience for each person. On the final level, however, the virtual aura built around the visitor is suddenly reduced to a mere nod in a network and questions the visitor’s self-perception and her/his importance in the global context.

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Jan Torpus: script, art direction, production and biofeedback interface

Markus Braach: VR design and programming

José Navarro: sound design and programming

Renato Grob: chair hacking